Your StarShine clinical coordinator will contact you to schedule your first home visit with members of the StarShine team.

Preparing for your Visit

Helpful items to have on hand before your visit:

Any legal papers pertaining to your child, such as:

  • Medical power of attorney
  • Advanced directive (if your child is over 18 years old)
  • DNR (if you have one)
  • List of medications your child takes
  • List of surgeries your child may have had with dates if possible
  • List of other care providers who your child sees
  • List of upcoming appointments your child has
  • List of adults who may care for your child in your home
  • School information (if appropriate)
  • Any plans that you have made for inclement weather emergencies – especially power, heat and water outages.

What to Expect During your First Visit

During the first visit, StarShine staff will:

  • Meet with parents and family and friends who are significant members of your support system (parents decide whether their child is to be present)
  • Begin tough conversations about your wishes and your needs (decisions do not need to be made during this visit)
  • Begin to plan for how you want your child’s care to be handled in various situations

The first visit usually lasts about two hours, though it may last longer depending on family and patient needs.

If you choose to enroll in StarShine during the initial visit, the registered nurse will do an assessment of your child. Usually the other team members, except possibly the physician, will leave. Your nurse will discuss:

  • Any needs you have for equipment and supplies
  • The frequency of nursing visits
  • How to contact a StarShine registered nurse 24 hours a day

A registered nurse is available for questions or concerns and will come to your home to see your child if there is a change in her condition or you have concerns. The nurse will leave a copy of the treatment plan with you in the home once completed. Your plan is expected to be flexible – changes can be made as time and conditions change with your child. We encourage you to jot notes on it as you think of questions and concerns.

You do not need to sign up at this time if you are not sure that you are ready for our services.

After the Initial Visit

Over the course of the next couple of weeks you will be contacted by the holistic health specialist and the Child Life specialist so they can meet your child and family, explain what they do and how they can help your family. You will also be meeting the other nurses on the team so during times of concerns you can be assured that all StarShine nurses are very familiar with your child and their care as well as your plan.