Urogenital Center

Urogenital Center

The Urogenital Center care team sees more than 500 patients a year, offering broad experience in the treatment of very complex conditions, including anorectal malformation, epispadias, post-urethral valves and bladder exstrophy.

Patients and families travel from throughout the United States and around the world to meet with our specialists, who are committed to respecting the dignity and individuality of each child and family. Our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and psychologists. Our clinical staff is recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise in patient care and clinical and laboratory research.

Our skilled pediatric urologists have extensive experience in the medical and surgical management of complex genitourinary conditions. They perform surgical reconstruction of even the most complicated conditions arising from congenital malformations, trauma and cancer. Our excellent patient outcomes have appeared in numerous papers published in professional medical journals.

Our care team specializes in treating complex conditions of the urogenital tract, including:

For more information, please call the Urogenital Center at 513-636-7035 or 1-800-344-2462, ext. 7035, or fill out our online form.

*Physician referrals required.

Prior to scheduling your child’s first clinic appointment, a nurse will contact you by phone to talk about your child’s condition and health history. She also will request your child’s medical records and all test results from other providers. Our billing office will check your insurance coverage and discuss any financial concerns with you.

One of our pediatric urologists will review your child’s medical information prior to the first appointment and work with the rest of the care team to create a comprehensive plan for your visit. The nurse will share that plan with you before your child’s appointment.

Your child will be assigned a care coordinator, a nurse who serves as your family’s go-to person for problems, questions and emotional support for as long as your child is under our care. These nurses have been caring for children with urogenital conditions for between nine to 25 years. Your care coordinator will be present at all of your child’s clinic visits, and be available to help you at any time, no matter what you need. She also can make referrals for services such as mental health counseling, social work and school advocacy.

Your child’s first visit to the Urogenital Center can last one or more days, depending on his or her needs.

During the first visit, the pediatric urologist will provide a thorough exam and talk to you about your child’s medical history and concerns. Depending on your child’s condition, he or she may see other specialists, such as a pediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist) or colorectal surgeon. We may schedule tests for your child on this day as well.

At the end of the first visit, our team will meet with your family to talk about findings, present initial treatment recommendations and answer your questions. If more tests are needed before treatment can begin, we will schedule them as quickly as possible.

Your child’s care team will meet regularly to make sure your child receives excellent, well-coordinated care. Our pediatric urologists are always available to communicate with referring physicians to provide care updates, talk about test results or discuss the treatment plan.

We understand the unique stresses of long-distance care and make every effort to arrange a comprehensive, coordinated visit with your child’s multidisciplinary care team. We also are interested in collaborating with your child’s local physicians to care for your child both here and at home.

Urogenital Center appointments are available at two convenient locations:

  • Burnet Campus
  • Liberty Campus

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For more information or to request an appointment, call 513-636-7035 or fill out our online form.