A photo of Gregory Burg.

Gregory T. Burg, MD

  • Member, Division of Pulmonary Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
In my practice, I try to treat every patient and family as I would want my children and family treated.



As a pulmonologist, I treat children and adolescents with general pulmonology conditions. My patients may be those who need a bronchoscopy, have a tracheostomy, are ventilatory dependent or have rare and interstitial lung diseases. I also practice aerodigestive medicine and care for patients who need a lung transplantation.

I was drawn to my career because I had severe asthma as a child and adolescent, with multiple hospitalizations and ICU stays. In my practice, I try to treat every patient and family as I would want my children and family treated.

My research involves seeking better ways to help children with breathing and airway disorders, particularly in the fields of lesser-known conditions such as airway disorders, interstitial and rare lung disease, advanced lung disease and lung failure.

I enjoy spending my free time with my wife, our two young children and our dogs.

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