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Co-Director, Comprehensive Fertility Care and Preservation Program

Co-Clinical Director, Cancer Survivorship Center

Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



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Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Cancer and Blood Diseases, Leukemia, Fertility Preservation, Cardio-Oncology

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Oncology, Cancer and Blood Diseases

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Childhood Cancer Survivors: Questions To Ask When Ready to Start A Family

BlogCancer and Blood Diseases

Childhood Cancer Survivors: Questions To Ask When Ready to Start A Family

By Karen Burns, MD10/10/2018

3 Facts About Fertility in Kids with Cancer and Blood Diseases

BlogCancer and Blood Diseases

3 Facts About Fertility in Kids with Cancer and Blood Diseases

By Karen Burns, MD4/6/2016

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My Education

BA: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1995.

MD: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 1999.

Residency: Pediatrics, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA, 2002.

MS: Medical College of Wisconsin, 2005.

Fellowship: Medical College of Wisconsin, 2005.

My Publications

Long-term follow-up of surgical outcomes for patients with Wilms tumor and neuroblastoma. Cooke-Barber, J; Scorletti, F; Rymeski, B; Eshelman-Kent, D; Nagarajan, R; Burns, K; Jenkins, T; Dasgupta, R. Cancer. 2021.

Long-Term Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes After Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Report. Stefanski, KJ; Anixt, JS; Goodman, P; Bowers, K; Leisenring, W; Scott Baker, K; Burns, K; Howell, R; Davies, S; Robison, LL; et al. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2021; 113:481-495.

A View from the past into our collective future: the oncofertility consortium vision statement. Woodruff, TK; Ataman-Millhouse, L; Acharya, KS; Almeida-Santos, T; Anazodo, A; Anderson, RA; Appiah, L; Bader, J; Becktell, K; Brannigan, RE; et al. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. 2021; 38:3-15.

Standardizing Risk Assessment for Treatment-Related Gonadal Insufficiency and Infertility in Childhood Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer: The Pediatric Initiative Network Risk Stratification System. Meacham, LR; Burns, K; Orwig, KE; Levine, J. Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. 2020; 9:662-666.

Methylation profiling of hypomethylating agent response and treatment failure in pediatric and young adult MDS/AML. Jones, LM; O'Brien, MM; Breese, EH; Absalon, M; Burns, KC; Grimley, M; Mizukawa, B; Lee, LH; Perentesis, JP; Phillips, CL. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2020; 38:e22502-e22502.

EBV-directed viral-specific T-lymphocyte therapy for the treatment of EBV-driven lymphoma in two patients with primary immunodeficiency and DNA repair defects. Rubinstein, JD; Burns, K; Absalon, M; Lutzko, C; Leemhuis, T; Chandra, S; Hanley, PJ; Keller, MD; Davies, SM; Nelson, A; et al. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2020; 67.

Hypothalamic-pituitary function following childhood brain tumors: Analysis of prospective annual endocrine screening. Lawson, SA; Horne, VE; Golekoh, MC; Hornung, L; Burns, KC; Fouladi, M; Rose, SR. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2019; 66.

Development of a Pediatric Fertility Preservation Program: A Report From the Pediatric Initiative Network of the Oncofertility Consortium. Moravek, MB; Appiah, LC; Anazodo, A; Burns, KC; Gomez-Lobo, V; Hoefgen, HR; Jaworek Frias, O; Laronda, MM; Levine, J; Meacham, LR; et al. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2019; 64:563-573.

Building a Pediatric Oncofertility Practice. Burns, K; Breech, L. Textbook of Oncofertility Research and Practice. 2019.

6. Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation Is a Feasible and Safe Procedure in a Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Population for Fertility Preservation Prior to Gonadotoxic Treatment. Streich-Tilles, T; Cizek, S; Burns, K; Ferrara, B; Schafer-Kalkhoff, T; Frias, O; Breech, L; Rios, J. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. 2019; 32.