Services & Specialties

Our Division of Oncology uses the latest innovation and technology to meet the unique needs of each patient and family.
Ella Boynton.

Specialized Care for the Most Complex Cancers

The Cincinnati Children’s Division of Oncology is an international leader in caring for children and young adults with cancer. We are experts in treating and curing the hardest, most resistant cancers. That’s why families from around the world come to us for our expertise and the most advanced technologies.

Our patients, parents, physicians and researchers are close partners. They work together to take on the toughest, most complex cancer cases. This completely integrated approach to care and scientific discovery enables us to drive breakthroughs in medicine, develop new treatments and manage the most challenging patient diagnoses.

But the most important thing we offer is hope. Our expertise and approach together give hope and healing to children, families and caregivers when they need it the most.

Why Choose Us

Cincinnati Children’s cancer experts specialize in meeting the unique care needs of each patient and family. Our team delivers some of the most advanced, groundbreaking therapies in the world, which are often only available here.

Team Approach to Develop New Treatments for the Hardest-to-Treat Cancers

Our clinical and research teams often develop new treatments for the most difficult-to-treat cancers. This “team science” led to the recent pediatric Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals of the new drugs Vyxeos for acute myeloid leukemia, and selumetinib for patients with inoperable neurofibromatosis tumors.

Pioneers in Next-Generation Sequencing

We were innovators in the use of “next generation sequencing," which helps us to understand the genetic wiring of cancers and leukemias that have not responded to traditional therapies. We can now tailor treatments to those cancers with targeted drugs and immune therapies.

Experienced Cellular and Immunotherapy Program

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy uses a patient’s own immune system to kill aggressive and treatment-resistant cancers. Cincinnati Children’s is among the most experienced in the country with many options for leukemia and lymphoma, giving more children the opportunity to benefit from this lifesaving therapy. We are developing other new T-cell therapies—even in the treatment of dangerous viral infections.

Cutting-Edge Radiation Therapy

Our Proton Therapy Center delivers the most advanced form of radiation therapy available. This technology destroys cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs, and has fewer side effects to the brain.

Internationally Recognized Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Our specialized Bone Marrow Transplant Program has performed more than 2,300 pediatric marrow and stem cell transplants. The team helped develop stem cell transplant procedures that are the standard of care in more than 200 cancer centers throughout North America.

Preserving Fertility for Patients’ Adult Years

As a global leader in fertility preservation, we work to protect a patient’s ability to have biological children later in life. Our Comprehensive Fertility Care and Preservation Program provides consultations to every patient. They have services and treatments to preserve fertility in all ages from infancy to adulthood.

Young Adult Cancer Center

Our Young Adult Cancer Center is internationally recognized as a pioneer in developing precision therapies for young adult patients with forms of pediatric cancers. We’ve developed protocols to treat these patients who react to cancer therapies much differently than their younger and older counterparts.

Survivorship and Lifelong Wellness

Our Cancer Survivorship Center provides specialized medical care and psychosocial support to childhood cancer survivors continuously and without interruption through adulthood.

Expert Second Opinions

Cincinnati Children’s provides second opinions for children and young adults with cancer, with an emphasis on high-risk or treatment-resistant cancers. Second opinions help you understand all of the available treatment options and make a more informed decision about which therapy is best. Learn more about the benefits of a second opinion and how to make your request.