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Pediatric Surgeon, Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

Director of Quality Improvement, Surgical Director Vascular Malformations Clinic

Professor, UC Department of Surgery



Board Certified

My Biography & Research


Roshni Dasgupta, MD, MPH, is a pediatric surgeon. She is a professor with the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine. Dr. Dasgupta obtained her medical degree at the University of Toronto. She finished her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School. She completed a Rhodes scholarship at the University of Oxford in Oxford England, followed by a Pediatric Surgery Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. She also completed her Master of Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her clinical interests are in surgical oncology and vascular anomalies.

Dr. Dasgupta is the current chair of the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) Cancer Committee, Pediatric Surgical Oncology Research Collaborative, as well as the chair on the American Academy for Pediatrics (AAP). Delivery of Surgical Care Committee. She has a significant interest in Quality Improvement and is the American College of Surgery National Surgery Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Surgical Champion. She is the surgical director of the Vascular Anomalies Clinic, as well as surgical director of Quality Improvement for Pediatric Surgery.

Additional Languages

French, Rengali

Clinical Interests

Surgical oncology; vascular malformations; minimally invasive surgery; general pediatric surgery

Research Interests

Oncology and vascular malformations

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Clinical Divisions

Colorectal Disorders, Surgery - General and Thoracic, Rare Lung Diseases, Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations

Research Divisions

General and Thoracic Surgery

My Locations

My Education

MD: University of Toronto, Toronto Canada, 1996.

Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School 1996-2003.

Research Fellowship: University of Oxford, Oxford, England.

Fellowship: Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

MPH: Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, 2009.

My Publications

Impact of local control and surgical lymph node evaluation in localized paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma: A report from the Children's Oncology Group Soft Tissue Sarcoma Committee. Routh, JC; Dasgupta, R; Chi, Y; Shnorhavorian, M; Tian, J; Walterhouse, DO; Breneman, J; Wolden, SL; Arndt, CA; Hawkins, DS; et al. International Journal of Cancer. 2020; 147:3168-3176.

Implications of Tumor Characteristics and Treatment Modality on Local Recurrence and Functional Outcomes in Children with Chest Wall Sarcoma: A Pediatric Surgical Oncology Research Collaborative Study. Harris, CJ; Helenowski, I; Murphy, AJ; Mansfield, SA; LaQuaglia, MP; Heaton, TE; Cavalli, M; Murphy, JT; Newman, E; Overmen, RE; et al. Annals of Surgery. 2020; Publish Ahead of Print.

Minimally invasive surgery for abdominal and thoracic neuroblastic tumors: A systematic review by the APSA Cancer committee. Gurria, JP; Malek, MM; Heaton, TE; Gehred, A; Lautz, TB; Rhee, DS; Tracy, ET; Grant, CN; Baertshiger, RM; Bruny, J; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:2260-2272.

Minimally invasive surgery for pediatric renal tumors: A systematic review by the APSA Cancer Committee. Malek, MM; Behr, CA; Aldrink, JH; Dasgupta, R; Heaton, TE; Gehred, A; Lautz, TB; Baertschiger, RM; Christison-Lagay, ER; Tracy, ET; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:2251-2259.

Pediatric differentiated thyroid carcinoma: An update from the APSA Cancer Committee. Christison-Lagay, ER; Baertschiger, RM; Dinauer, C; Francis, GL; Malek, MM; Lautz, TB; Aldrink, JH; Grant, C; Rhee, DS; Ehrlich, P; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:2273-2283.

Reply to Letter to the Editor. Saltzman, AF; Smith, DE; Gao, D; Ghosh, D; Amini, A; Aldrink, JH; Dasgupta, R; Gow, KW; Glick, RD; Ehrlich, PF; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:2537-2538.

Subspecialization in pediatric surgery: Results of a survey to the American Pediatric Surgical Association. Rich, BS; Silverberg, JT; Fishbein, J; Raval, MV; Gadepalli, SK; Moriarty, KP; Aspelund, G; Rollins, MD; Besner, GE; Dasgupta, R; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:2058-2063.

Solitary myofibroma preceding the development of multicentric myofibromatosis: A report of two cases with surveillance recommendations. Todd, K; Kim, HK; Szabo, S; Johnson, S; Pressey, J; Nagarajan, R; Sorger, J; Dasgupta, R; Turpin, B. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2020; 67.

Update on pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma: A report from the APSA Cancer Committee. Rhee, DS; Rodeberg, DA; Baertschiger, RM; Aldrink, JH; Lautz, TB; Grant, C; Meyers, RL; Tracy, ET; Christison-Lagay, ER; Glick, RD; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:1987-1995.

Can a children's hospital still cut it? Comparing outcomes of pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients undergoing thoracic surgery for lung metastases. Scorletti, F; Cooke-Barber, J; Pressey, JG; Nagarajan, R; Turpin, B; Jenkins, T; Dasgupta, R. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2020; 67.