Mary V. Greiner, MD, MS

Medical Director, CHECK Foster Care Center

Academic Affiliations

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-9979


Foster care health; child abuse pediatrics

Mary Greiner, MD, MS, completed training as a child abuse pediatrician in 2011 and subsequently established the Comprehensive Health Evaluations for Cincinnati’s Kids (CHECK) Foster Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The CHECK Center contracts with Job and Family Services to provide comprehensive medical evaluations and assessments of overall functioning for foster youth at the time of entry into foster care and with each placement change.

Dr. Greiner has used her work with the CHECK Foster Care Center to inform a program of research in health issues for youth in foster care. Current research projects include examining knowledge of health and behavioral issues among foster caregivers; piloting and studying interventions to address identified needs for youth in foster care (including traumatic stress prevention, developmental and behavioral evaluations, and dental care); and examining knowledge of healthcare systems and self-management of health for foster youth preparing to age out of foster care.

MD: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, 2005.

Residency: Pediatrics, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC, 2008.

Fellowship: Child Abuse, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2011.

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