The General and Community Pediatrics Research Fellowship program has been continuously funded since 1998, with a strong history of leadership from four fellowship directors. Sarah Beal, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics, is the current program director. Kimberly Yolton, PhD, professor of pediatrics, has been the associate director since 2014. Drs. Beal and Yolton, both graduates of the Fellowship, provide expertise to ensure learning and progress for all trainees. The Fellowship Advisory Committee is chaired by the program director, Dr. Beal, and includes current and former faculty mentors and at least one member of the community, all of whom are actively involved in primary care research and the community’s needs. In addition to the fellowship director, associate director, and advisory committee, the program has a team of interdisciplinary mentors affiliated with the program. These faculty members each have a strong track record of publishing, obtaining external grant support, and mentoring trainees to ensure our fellows are well-resourced and supported in accomplishing the fellows’ goals.