Immunology Graduate Program
T32 Training Grant

Pathogenesis And Therapeutic Targeting Of Immune Disorders

This NIAD NIH T32 training grant supports training of outstanding pre-doctoral candidates from the Immunology Graduate Program (ImmGP) whose research will uncover pathogenic mechanisms of immune-mediated disease and facilitate transformative therapeutic approaches. Dysregulated immune responses are of central importance to the pathogenesis of a wide spectrum of diseases that cause an immense burden of morbidity and mortality.

Students have the opportunity to train with an outstanding group of faculty, from multiple departments at Cincinnati Children’s / University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, who share a collective focus on the mechanistic understanding of immunologic disorders. The training faculty have well-funded research programs that span basic immunology to animal models of disease to clinical trials in human patients. Graduates of this program will be strongly poised to transfer insights from the laboratory bench to the bedside and will be well-prepared for independent research careers.

Current Trainees

See below for information about our current trainees.

Anastasiya Slaughter

Anastasiya Slaughter.

Project title: Cross talk in the bone marrow microenvironment

Works in the Lucas lab

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Ayad Ali

Ayad Ali.

Project title: Mechanisms controlling natural killer cell-mediated immunoregulation during viral infection

Works in the Waggoner lab

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Rachel Cantrell

Rachel Cantrell.

Project title: The role of thrombin in regulating adaptive tumor immunity following check point inhibitor therapy

Works in the Palumbo lab

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Melanie McKell

Melanie McKell.

Project title: lmmunometabolism and host defenses: Regulating antituberculosis macrophage activity by amino acids

Works in the Qualls lab

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