Liam Nolen Bradley Memorial check presentation.

Jennifer and Jason were so excited for the birth of their second child, Liam. But without warning, Liam was born 13 weeks early, weighing just over 2 pounds. Within three weeks, Jennifer and Jason found out Liam had developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a life-threatening disease that destroys the fragile bowels of premature babies.

Liam.Jennifer and Jason were devastated and were hoping for a miracle. Sadly, Liam passed away at just 19 days old.

Even though the family was reeling from Liam’s loss, they rallied and were determined to honor their son. “From the beginning,” Jennifer says, “My dad wanted something good to come from this.”

And something has. The Bradleys have kept Liam’s memory alive by creating a golf outing fundraiser in his honor. The outing is a “huge family affair.” Extended family honors Liam by helping to plan and promote the event and donating prizes.

The Annual Liam Nolen Bradley Memorial Golf Outing is held every spring at Pebble Creek Golf Course. The outing is an 18-hole, four-person golf scramble, with 36 teams playing. The event also includes a raffle, silent auction and dinner. The golf outing supports NEC research conducted by Kurt Schibler, MD, at Cincinnati Children’s.

The Bradleys also use the Cincinnati Children’s Giving Hope program to promote and fundraise for the outing. They use change canisters, donation cards and Giving Hope banners. Jennifer also plans to create a personal fundraising page for next year’s outing so golfers can donate and register online.

Despite losing their son, Jennifer and Jason have done so much to give back and help others. They have managed to raise nearly $75,000 to help advance NEC research.

 Jennifer says, “We’re trying to find a way to heal. Knowing that this golf outing will help someone else so that they don’t have to go through this is what makes it all worth it.”

Learn more about the Liam Nolen Bradley Memorial Golf Outing.

If you would like to support Cincinnati Children’s by holding a Giving Hope fundraiser, contact Jane at or 513-636-5686.