Coronavirus Resources for Families
Healthy Habits

Resources for Staying Active and Eating Well

Two boys snacking on vegetables.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made it harder for kids and families to maintain healthy habits. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get back on track.


Hand-washing and Hand Sanitizer Use at Home, at Play, and Out and About

A hand-washing guide from the CDC for families to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Good Hand-Washing with Daniel Tiger

Help young children learn effective hand-washing strategies with this fun video from PBS featuring Daniel Tiger.

Healthy at Home Toolkit: Prevention and Care

A toolkit for parents of young children that provides strategies to foster learning, physical health, and emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis.

How an Immunocompromised Family is Handling COVID-19

From the Cincinnati Children's blog, learn how one family with immunocompromised members is handling the pandemic.

Physical Activity

Ways to Keep Kids Exercising During COVID-19

The Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children's offers tips for encouraging exercise at home.

Tips for Active Play for Toddlers

Engage your toddler in active play, indoors and out, with these tips from the ZERO TO THREE website.

49 Fun Physical Activities to Do with Kids Aged 2 to 4

Help your child stay active and develop skills with these fun ideas from Active for Life.

Hiking the Great Parks of Hamilton County

Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of nature while you explore the Great Parks of Hamilton County. Trails welcome people of all ages, and you may be eligible for free entry. Hike seven trails to become a Master Hiker!

Cincinnati Nature Center: At Home with Nature

Enjoy nature in your own back yard with these outdoor activities for all ages.


Get moving with these engaging videos and games designed for kids, families, and schools. GoNoodle provides a wide variety of activities for different ages, interests, skills, and abilities.


Learn to play fun recess games like Popcorn, Beans on Toast, and I See I See. Playworks has created this Play at Home Playbook so that you can stay active from anywhere.

Fitness Blender Kids Workout

Improve balance, endurance, and strength with this 25-minute exercise routine for kids. Games such as Red Light, Green Light keep the routine engaging and fun.

My Y Fitness

The YMCA provides videos of fitness activities that the family can do together from home.

Fit Kids

To help you stay healthy and active, the Fit Kids Foundation has provided free access to its home fitness movements for kids. Videos demonstrate the movements in the routines.

PBS Learning Media: Physical Education

Access a collection of videos and resources that support physical education.

Understanding Physical Development

The Child Development Institute explains ways parents can promote physical development in children and adolescents. Find a list of developmental milestones at the end of the article.

Nutrition and Eating

Building Immunity with Food

From our blog: immunity-boosting food ideas.

7 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast ideas from the Cincinnati Children's blog to start the day right.

Lunch Ideas For Families Spending More Time At Home

Since lunch is often eaten outside the home at work or school, families spending more time at home may be struggling with meal ideas. Check out these simple, healthy meals.

Food Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A toolkit for food planning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tackling the Grocery

Tips for saving time, money, and making healthy choices from the Cincinnati Children's blog.

Childhood Nutrition and Benefits of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating guidelines for children from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Healthworks! Healthy Living Video Series

The Center for Better Health and Nutrition at Cincinnati Children's presents a series of videos on how families can maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.


How to Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

Cincinnati Children's pediatrician Jill Klein, MD, shares six tips for encourage kids to sleep better and longer at night.

Pediatric Sleep Council: Advice for Parents

The Pediatric Sleep Council provides advice on a wide variety of sleep questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children and Sleep

Healthy sleep recommendations for children from the National Sleep Foundation.

Tips for Healthy Bedtime Habits

Watch a video from Boys Town about creating healthy bedtime habits for children.

How to Use a Bedtime Pass

Learn how a bedtime pass could help reduce instances of children crying or leaving their room at bedtime.

Toddler Bedtime Trouble

Many parents find their toddler's bedtime to be the hardest part of the day. This quick guide provides tips for parents on tackling common toddler sleep problems.

Sleep Tips for Kids

Teach your child strategies for healthy sleep with this kid-friendly website from the National Sleep Foundation.

Sleep Tips for Teens with ADHD (PDF)

A guide from Cincinnati Children's on how to improve sleep for teenagers with ADHD.

Sleep Education

Find children books, lesson plans, apps and more to help children and adolescents learn healthy sleep practices.

The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Teens

In this article from the American Sleep Association, learn the effects of sleep deprivation on the physical health and wellbeing of adolescents.

Screen Time

Top 5 Strategies for Managing Kids' Technology

Help for establishing technology rules in your home.

Conversation Starters for Getting the Most of Screen Time

Print these conversation cards from PBS to promote positive interactions between you and your child during their favorite television shows.

Media Guidelines for Kids of All Ages

Tips from the Child Mind Institute for healthy screen time.