Picture of a spinning globe. 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in many children continuing their education from home. Here are some resources that you can use to help your child continue to expand their understanding of the world.


The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Explore rarely seen places with these guided tours of US National Parks. Immersive 360° videos allow you to kayak through icebergs, fly over an active volcano, ride horseback through a canyon, or discover other amazing adventures.

Virtual Yosemite

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Yosemite National Park. Try starting here at Yosemite Falls and then use the crosshairs, map or panorama index to find dozens of other sites.

Google Earth

Virtually soar above the globe with stunning satellite images. Explore cities around the world, natural wonders, famous buildings, and even the International Space Station.

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Chase the world's greatest super thief across the globe to recover the stolen loot. This geography challenge is based on the award-winning television game show and computer game series that parents may remember from the '90s.


Take a virtual journey around the world with interactive 360° views. See pyramids, waterfalls, skyscrapers and volcanoes!

I Love New York 360

Tour New York City from the top deck of the Empire State Building.

Seterra Geography Games

As the "ultimate map quiz site" Seterra offers interactive maps for learning countries, cities, landforms, flags, and more. To start, try the Major World Cities cartoon version or the U.S. Landmarks map.


Challenge your geography skills with these interactive games. Guess where in the world you have landed by scouring the images for clues and then pinning your location on the map.

National Geographic Kids

Discover fascinating new places, inspiring heroes, amazing animals, and other cool stuff on this interactive website.


Castle Rock Pueblo

Take a journey through time to the home of the ancestral Puebloan people. The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center has provided three virtual trips through this ancient village in the Mesa Verde region.

Georgia Indian Mounds

Launch these virtual field trips to learn more about Ocmulgee National Monument, Kolomoki Mounds State Park, and Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site.

Colonial Williamsburg: Explore from Home

Connect with the past through an interactive timeline, recipes, crafts, quizzes, and live web cams.

Historic Philadelphia

Find Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and more national history in the City of Brotherly Love.

An 1860s Farm

Flip through photos to learn how farmers in the Colorado territory raised animals and crops. Then jump over to explore an 1890s farm, a silver mine, or the Ute Indian Museum.

Ellis Island

In this interactive tour of the Ellis Island Immigration Station in New York City, you can meet young immigrants, explore the island, or browse immigration data.

Statue of Liberty

The National Park Services has collected high-resolution spherical images to create immersive views of Liberty Island and its well-known national symbol.

History Snacks: Archives at Home

Every Friday, the National Archives Foundation posts bite-sized samples of American history for the whole family to enjoy. Join historic characters for story time, solve funny riddles, or try JFK's favorite waffles.

Ken Burns in the Classroom

Watch historical documentaries and clips created by award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns. For grades 4+.

Library of Congress: Digital Collections

Browse a wealth of history and culture. Zoom into historic maps, play from sheet music, or watch a football game from 1903.

More Social Studies

PBS Learning Media: Social Studies

Discover history, geography, civics, and economics through this vast collection of educational videos and resources.

Tour of Buckingham Palace

Take a video tour of the home and headquarters of king and queen in the United Kingdom.

Virtual Tour of the White House

Step inside the home of the United States Presidents and their families. Explore the art and decor of the white house, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, or the grounds outside.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Discover the treasures of the Smithsonian with this interactive website.