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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in many children continuing their education from home. Here are some resources to help their continued growth in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Fun Science Demonstrations and Experiments

The Spangler Effect

Join Emmy award-winning host, Steve Spangler, in amazing science demonstrations and do-it-yourself experiments. Over 100 episodes make science fun.

COSI Connects

Every day the Center of Science and Industry posts hands-on science activities and fun videos for you to enjoy at home.

84 Easy Science Lessons for Home

Try these fun science activities from Michigan State University. The site even provides tips for parents who are new to teaching science.

Science Buddies

Make hovercrafts, marble runs, and elephant toothpaste! Join this vice president of STEM education as she and her kids do fun science activities at home.

Hooked on Science

Browse dozens of kid-friendly science experiments that you can try at home. These experiment guides were designed for the Next Generation Science Standards.


Cincinnati Zoo Home Safaris

Meet amazing animals such as Fiona the hippo, Moe the sloth, or John and Imani the lions. Each episode also features a fun activity or craft.

San Diego Zoo Kids

Get to know the San Diego Zoo animals through videos, stories, crafts and games. Watch the live webcams to see what the animals are up to today!

Georgia Aquarium At-Home Learning

Watch live as otters play, beluga whales swim, and penguins waddle at the Georgia Aquarium. Enjoy nine webcams in all. Then try a deep sea learning video, an activity sheet, or a virtual field trip. Submit your artwork, and you may see it posted in the gallery!

Smithsonian's National Zoo Live Animal Cams

Check out live webcams of cheetah cubs, lions, naked mole rats, giant pandas or elephants.

National Aquarium 360° Tour

Take a virtual walk through the National Aquarium to find alligators, sea turtles and more.

National Aquarium Live Webcams

Spot a shark, ray, or clownfish as you watch livestreamed coral reefs. Then check out the themed coloring sheets and activities you can do at home.

How to Take a Virtual Field Trip

Parents and their children can try this virtual field trip activity for grades 3-5.


Access Mars

Virtually roam across the surface of Mars using 360° images taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.

NASA Image of the Day Gallery

Every day, NASA posts a new, fascinating photo in their gallery. View today's image, and then browse the archives to see galaxies, astronauts, planets and spacecraft.

Stellarium Web

Gaze up at the night sky using this free planetarium software. Try zooming in on Saturn's rings, connecting the constellations, or exploring deep sky objects.

Cincinnati Observatory

Watch episodes of Constellation Station on YouTube to hear the stories behind the constellations and how to find them in the night sky.

Story Time from Space

Astronauts read children's books and conduct science experiments during their visits to the International Space Station!

Gardening and Farming

Kids Gardening

Find your green thumb with dozens of fun, easy gardening activities for kids and families. Grow new plants from kitchen scraps, plant a butterfly garden, make your own botanical paper, or go on a garden scavenger hunt.

Dallas Arboretum

Garden STEM at Home encourages kids to explore their own backyards, neighborhoods, or pantries with these fun gardening activities.

Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

Gardeners lead virtual tours of the world's largest tulip garden. Enjoy the beauty of over 7 million spring blooms.

FarmFood 360°

Enjoy Canadian farm and food tours using immersive 360° videos. View them with your mobile device, desktop computer, or even a virtual reality viewer.


Online Learning Fun with Physics

Maryville University provides a collection of engaging online resources about motion, heat and thermodynamics, light, electricity and magnetism, and gravity.


PBS Learning Media: Engineering and Technology

Connect to engineering design practices and future careers through this collection of videos, projects and other resources.

Imagineering in a Box

Disney Imagineers show you how artists, designers and engineers work together to create theme parks. Design your own world, attractions and characters.

Khan Academy Electrical Engineering

Learn about robotics, circuits, amplifiers, and more with this free online course.

How It's Made

Watch how manufacturers create everyday items such as LEGO bricks, mountain bikes, and chocolate. Full seasons of this documentary television series are available on YouTube.

Computer Science

Blockly Games: Code with Google

Play games to learn computer programming. Children with no prior experience with programming can join the fun.

Khan Academy Computing

Explore computer programming and computer science through videos and projects. Topics include animation, programming languages, cryptography, data analysis and more.


Learn computer languages from the world's largest web development site. Try HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many more.

ABCYa: Typing

Play typing games for kids from pre-K to sixth grade. Games are organized by subject, grade, and common core standards.


PBS Learning Media: Mathematics

PBS provides more than 2,000 videos and resources to help kindergarteners through high schoolers understand math.

ABCYa: Math

Play educational math games for kids from PreK to 6th grade. Games are organized by subject, grade, and common core standards.

Khan Academy Math

Free video courses demonstrate math concepts for every grade level - from counting to college.

Math is Fun

Math is Fun provides simple explanations of math concepts for pre-K through calculus. Try out the games and puzzles or create your own printable worksheets with the worksheet generator.

Virtual Nerd: Video Math Help

Virtual Nerd boasts 1,500 math videos for middle school, high school, and ACT/SAT prep.


Mystery Science

Solve fun, interactive science mysteries for kindergarten through fifth grade, or even ask your own question to be answered in a future lesson.

PBS Learning Media: Science

Explore Earth, space, life, and more through this collection of educational videos and resources.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Discover the treasures of the Smithsonian with this interactive website.

Khan Academy Science

Free videos, articles, and quizzes teach science concepts for high school and AP science.