Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccines | Vaccine Now Available For Anyone 6 Months or Older

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all children 6 months or older receive a COVID-19 vaccine. We offer the Pfizer vaccine primary series and boosters (including the new bivalent booster) to patients and families at several Cincinnati Children’s locations, by appointment only. 

Vaccine Clinic Locations

Vaccines are offered through early November, by appointment only, at our:

Burnet Campus (through Nov. 2)
Liberty Campus (through Nov. 3)

Due to our clinics closing early November: 

  • Children 6 months to 4 years who received a first dose of the Young Child vaccine series on or before Aug. 17 (Burnet) or Aug. 18 (Liberty) can complete their three-dose series before the closing dates.
  • Children 6 months to 4 years who received a first dose of the Young Child vaccine series on or after Aug. 24 (Burnet) or Aug. 25 (Liberty) or who received their second dose vaccine on or after Sept. 14 (Burnet) or Sept. 15 (Liberty) will need to receive their final doses elsewhere.
  • Children and adults ages 5+ who receive their first vaccine on or after Oct. 19 (Burnet) or Oct. 20 (Liberty) will need to receive their second dose elsewhere. 

The COVID Bivalent vaccine will be offered to those ages 12+ who have completed their initial COVID series or have had a monovalent booster at least two months prior to their appointment.  

Schedule a Vaccine

Vaccines are available by appointment only. Schedule your primary series or booster appointment online for our Burnet or Liberty Campus:

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Other Cincinnati Children’s Vaccine Locations

Vaccines are also available by appointment at the following locations. Call the office directly to schedule. Families accompanying patients may also request a vaccine during the same appointment.
Pediatric Primary Care Center 
Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center 
Fairfield Primary Care Clinic 

You can also check with the Ohio Health Department, the Health Collaborative, or search to find other convenient locations near you. 

Bivalent Vaccine Booster Now Available

The bivalent vaccine booster, which is effective against both the original strain of COVID-19 and the Omicron subvariant, has been approved by the CDC for ages 12 and older, as long as two months have passed since your last booster. Therefore, monovalent vaccine boosters, which are most effective against the original strain, are no longer available for ages 12 and older; however kids 5-11 can still get a monovalent booster.

If you have questions about when to get your vaccine or booster, read about 
vaccine eligibility from the CDC or view their at-a-glance schedule.

Flu Vaccines Also Available 

Influenza vaccines will be offered as a courtesy to those 6 months and older who are receiving a COVID vaccine (or to their accompanying family members); no appointment or pre-registration is necessary. Simultaneous administration of age-appropriate vaccines at a healthcare visit is recommended by the CDC. 

Find Moderna or Johnson & Johnson Vaccine providers

If you are looking for the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, please visit the following resources: