2016 Research Annual Report
From the Board

From our Board

Science moves us. Discovery inspires us.

These two short phrases speak clearly to the culture of the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation.

For many years, our Board of Trustees has helped build this culture by supporting substantial investments in our own researchers and their efforts, which goes beyond the external grants and industry support we already receive.

This ongoing commitment underscores the importance we place on innovation, the confidence we have in the talented scientists who work here, and our focus on research to transform child health.

As stated in our 2020 strategic plan, we are working to enhance discovery in the following areas:

  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Genomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics, Microbiome
  • Systems Biology and Collaborative Networks
  • Shared Research Cores

The progress highlighted in this report is impressive and inspiring, and is helping us move closer to our 2020 goals.

We look forward to changing the outcome together as we begin a new year of discovery.  And, we thank all of our supporters, partners, funders, donors and the community for their help to advance science, as we strive to be the leader in improving child health.

Thomas Cody
Chair, Board of Trustees

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD
Research Chair

Michael Fisher
President and CEO 

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD  Research Chair; Thomas Cody Chair, Board of Trustees; Michael Fisher President and CEO

Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD, Thomas Cody and Michael Fisher