Top 25 Publications from FY17 Based on Impact Factor

  1. Kugathasan S; Denson LA; Walters TD; Kim MO; Marigorta UM; Schirmer M; Mondal K; Liu C; Griffiths A; Noe JD. Prediction of complicated disease course for children newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease: a multicentre inception cohort study. The Lancet. 2017; 389:1710-1718.
  2. Sarangdhar M; Tabar S; Schmidt C; Kushwaha A; Shah K; Dahlquist JE; Jegga AG; Aronow BJ. Data mining differential clinical outcomes associated with drug regimens using adverse event reporting data. Nature Biotechnology. 2016; 34:697-700.
  3. Olsson A; Venkatasubramanian M; Chaudhri VK; Aronow BJ; Salomonis N; Singh H; Grimes HL. Single-cell analysis of mixed-lineage states leading to a binary cell fate choice. Nature. 2016; 537:698-702.
  4. Fang J; Bolanos LC; Choi K; Liu X; Christie S; Akunuru S; Kumar R; Wang D; Chen X; Greis KD. Ubiquitination of hnRNPA1 by TRAF6 links chronic innate immune signaling with myelodysplasia. Nature Immunology. 2017; 18:236-245.
  5. Jain AK; Xi Y; McCarthy R; Allton K; Akdemir KC; Patel LR; Aronow B; Lin C; Li W; Yang L. LncPRESS1 Is a p53-Regulated LncRNA that Safeguards Pluripotency by Disrupting SIRT6-Mediated De-acetylation of Histone H3K56. Molecular Cell. 2016; 64:967-981.
  6. Malek E; Abdel-Malek MAY; Jagannathan S; Vad N; Karns R; Jegga AG; Broyl A; van Duin M; Sonneveld P; Cottini F. Pharmacogenomics and chemical library screens reveal a novel SCFSKP2 inhibitor that overcomes Bortezomib resistance in multiple myeloma. Leukemia. 2017; 31:645-653.
  7. Chandrakasan S; Jayavaradhan R; Ernst J; Shrestha A; Loberg A; Dexheimer P; Jordan M; Pang Q; Aronow B; Malik P. KIT blockade is sufficient for donor hematopoietic stem cell engraftment in Fanconi anemia mice. Blood. 2017; 129:1048-1052.
  8. Hinge A; Xu J; Javier J; Mose E; Kumar S; Kapur R; Srour EF; Malik P; Aronow BJ; Filippi MD. p190-B RhoGAP and intracellular cytokine signals balance hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell self-renewal and differentiation. Nature Communications. 2017; 8:14382.
  9. Kanisicak O; Khalil H; Ivey MJ; Karch J; Maliken BD; Correll RN; Brody MJ; Lin SCJ; Aronow BJ; Tallquist MD. Genetic lineage tracing defines myofibroblast origin and function in the injured heart. Nature Communications. 2016; 7:12260.
  10. Glauser TA; Holland K; O'Brien VP; Keddache M; Martin LJ; Clark PO; Cnaan A; Dlugos D; Hirtz DG; Shinnar S. Pharmacogenetics of Antiepileptic Drug Efficacy in Childhood Absence Epilepsy. Annals of Neurology. 2017; 81:444-453.
  11. Hagedorn PA; Kirkendall ES; Kouril M; Dexheimer JW; Courter J; Minich T; Spooner SA. Assessing Frequency and Risk of Weight Entry Errors in Pediatrics. JAMA Pediatrics. 2017; 171:392-393.
  12. Bakeer N; James J; Roy S; Wansapura J; Shanmukhappa SK; Lorenz JN; Osinska H; Backer K; Huby AC; Shrestha A. Sickle cell anemia mice develop a unique cardiomyopathy with restrictive physiology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2016; 113:E5182-E5191.
  13. Guo M; Bao EL; Wagner M; Whitsett JA; Xu Y. SLICE: determining cell differentiation and lineage based on single cell entropy. Nucleic Acids Research. 2017; 45:gkw1278.
  14. Cnaan A; Shinnar S; Arya R; Adamson PC; Clark PO; Dlugos D; Hirtz DG; Masur D; Glauser TA; Study CAE. Second monotherapy in childhood absence epilepsy. Neurology. 2017; 88:182-190.
  15. Du Y; Kitzmiller JA; Sridharan A; Perl AK; Bridges JP; Misra RS; Pryhuber GS; Mariani TJ; Bhattacharya S; Guo M. Lung Gene Expression Analysis (LGEA): an integrative web portal for comprehensive gene expression data analysis in lung development. Thorax. 2017; 72:481-484.
  16. Verma SS; Cooke Bailey JN; Lucas A; Bradford Y; Linneman JG; Hauser MA; Pasquale LR; Peissig PL; Brilliant MH; McCarty CA. Epistatic Gene-Based Interaction Analyses for Glaucoma in eMERGE and NEIGHBOR Consortium. PLoS genetics. 2016; 12:e1006186.
  17. Salomonis N; Dexheimer PJ; Omberg L; Schroll R; Bush S; Huo J; Schriml L; Sui SH; Keddache M; Mayhew C. Integrated Genomic Analysis of Diverse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium. Stem Cell Reports. 2016; 7:110-125.
  18. Swertfeger DK; Li H; Rebholz S; Zhu X; Shah AS; Davidson WS; Lu LJ. Mapping Atheroprotective Functions and Related Proteins/Lipoproteins in Size Fractionated Human Plasma. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. 2017; 16:680-693.
  19. Smith EA; Gole B; Willis NA; Soria R; Starnes LM; Krumpelbeck EF; Jegga AG; Ali AM; Guo H; Meetei AR. DEK is required for homologous recombination repair of DNA breaks. Scientific Reports. 2017; 7:44662-44662.
  20. Rindler TN; Hinton RB; Salomonis N; Ware SM. Molecular Characterization of Pediatric Restrictive Cardiomyopathy from Integrative Genomics. Scientific Reports. 2017; 7:39276-39276.
  21. Bian F; Gao F; Kartashov AV; Jegga AG; Barski A; Das SK. Polycomb repressive complex 1 controls uterine decidualization. Scientific Reports. 2016; 6:26061.
  22. Lynch TL; Ismahil MA; Jegga AG; Zilliox MJ; Troidl C; Prabhu SD; Sadayappan S. Cardiac inflammation in genetic dilated cardiomyopathy caused by MYBPC3 mutation. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. 2017; 102:83-93.
  23. Ma J; He F; Xie G; Deng WM. Maternal AP determinants in the Drosophila oocyte and embryo. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Developmental Biology. 2016; 5:562-581.
  24. Gordon SM; Li H; Zhu X; Tso P; Reardon CA; Shah AS; Lu LJ; Davidson WS. Impact of genetic deletion of platform apolipoproteins on the size distribution of the murine lipoproteome. Journal of Proteomics. 2016; 146:184-194.
  25. Sigdel TK; Bestard O; Salomonis N; Hsieh SC; Torras J; Naesens M; Tran TQ; Roedder S; Sarwal MM. Intragraft Antiviral-Specific Gene Expression as a Distinctive Transcriptional Signature for Studies in Polyomavirus-Associated Nephropathy. Transplantation. 2016; 100:2062-2070.