Significant Funding in 2017

In FY 17, the division received the following funding:

  • CCTST Community Health Grant “Promoting FOsTer Sport Team Program (FOoTSTEP)” ($14,710.00)
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital GAP Award Funding AMSSM-ACSM Clinical Research Grant “The Pediatric Exercise Vital Sign: Screening Children for Exercise Deficit Disorder” ($20,000.00)
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Innovation Funding (IA# 31-41165-587000) “Prospective Model of Brain Plasticity Associated with Musculoskeletal Trauma and Sensorimotor Training” ($60,481.00)
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) (U01 AR067997-01A1) “Real-time Sensorimotor Feedback for Injury Prevention Assessed in Virtual Reality” ($2,459,667.00)    
  • AMSSM Humanitarian Project Grant “Sideline Survival Course” ($2,000.00)    
  • National Institutes of Health (U01 AR070474) “Multi-site randomized clinical trial of FIT Teens for juvenile fibromyalgia” ($7,544,427.00)    
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Ohio EMS) “Motion capture to determine critical biomechanics of laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation” ($78,552.00)    
  • NFL Club Matching Certified Athletic Trainer Grant “NFL Foundation ATC Outreach Grant” ($25,000.00)