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First and largest comprehensive report of clinical, pathology and molecular characterization of the uniformly aggressive and fatal pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma brain tumor. A landmark report from the key international registry based in the CBDI and the Oncology Clinical Management & Research Support Core, and Brain Tumor Center. Provides a framework for the development of new therapies.
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The first and most comprehensive national report of late effects and long-term outcomes of survivors of medulloblastoma, the most common childhood brain tumor. Provides a framework for life-long continuing medical care and informs directions for current front-line therapies at diagnosis.
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Leukemias and related hematologic malignancies account for nearly 40% of all childhood cancers. A large subgroup of leukemias, know as the Philadelphia chromosome and Philadelphiia-like leukemias are particularly common in young adults and are resistant to conventional chemotherapy, leaving patients without curative options and represent the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. This pivotal work identifies a key molecular signaling pathway that drives leukemia growth, tumor dormancy, and drug resistance. Moreover, this investigation identifies new drugs for the treatment and potential cure of this common leukemia of young adults.
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This is the landmark investigation identifying the role and potential for specific molecular targeting of the most common lethal brain tumor in children and adults. Dr. Dasgupta is an international leader in linking altered metabolic pathways with cancer causation and treatment. A key foundational and high impact work for advancing understanding of the biology of this - and other - chemotherapy- & radiation-resistant cancers, and for the development of novel targeted therapies.
Geller, JI; Fox, E; Turpin, BK; Goldstein, SL; Liu, X; Minard, CG; Kudgus, RA; Reid, JM; Berg, SL; Weigel, BJ. A study of axitinib, a VEGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, in children and adolescents with recurrent or refractory solid tumors A Childrens Oncology Group phase 1 and pilot consortium trial ADVL1315. Cancer. 2018; 124(23):4548-4555.
The first pediatric clinical trial of the highly active anti-angiogenic targeted drug axitinib. Dr. Geller led this national clinical trial and it provides the foundation for integration of this important therapy into pediatric and young adult oncology.