Our Research

Each area of interest in our lab supports a scientific endeavor:

  • Work on biomarker and disease pathway discovery helps us generate hypotheses
  • Work on oxidative stress, Nrf2, proteomics and inflammation represents the study of mechanisms of cell signaling and physiology that impact disease
  • Work on gene delivery represents the application of therapeutics that address the mechanisms of disease we find to be important.

Over the next five years we plan to focus on three main interests in our lab:

  1. The study of the link between abnormalities in the resolution of oxidative stress and inflammation in CF.
  2. The study of proteomics driven biomarker and airway disease pathway discovery in CF.
  3. The study of non-viral DNA nanoparticle gene delivery vectors and small molecules that can affect anti-inflammatory therapy in airway epithelia and hepatocytes.

The research programs in our lab represent our approach of discovering (employing proteomics), examining the mechanisms (employing biochemistry and cell biology), and modulating (with gene transfer and small molecules) the regulation of inflammation in CF and other lung disease.