The Discover Together Biobank facilitates the acquisition, processing, storage, and distribution of biospecimens for research studies. Our CAP accredited facility provides research studies with the biospecimens and infrastructure that promotes collaboration and increases competitiveness for funding. DHC investigators have access to biofluids, tissues, and services to meet their project needs.

Services include:

  • Frozen or Refrigerated Storage
  • DNA/RNA Extraction and Quantitation
  • Sample/Biofluid Preparation and aliquoting
  • Sample Collection Intake and organization
  • Biobank Sample Distribution- retrieval, aliquot, prepare for transport
  • Sample/Data/Project Tracking

For more information regarding the services listed above visit the Discover Together Biobank.

For information on accessing biofluids contact the biobank at

For information on accessing banked tissues contact Jaime Reuss at

DHC Subsidy

The DHC will subsidize the fee-for-service cost by providing 25% of the total charge with a subsidy limit of $1,200 per DHC member per year. This subsidy is subject to change based upon the availability of funds. 

To ensure that you receive the subsidy, be sure to select a budget number that qualifies as supporting digestive disease research when prompted for the payment source in the CORES online ordering system.