The Live Microscopy facility provides equipment and expertise to help investigators perform high resolution imaging with either living or fixed specimens. Capabilities include temperature and gas control for time-lapse, 3D, FRET, FRAP, ratio and multi-color imaging. Equipment includes:

  • Conventional Confocal Microscope (Zeiss LSM510 META)
  • Confocal & Two-photon Microscope (Zeiss LSM510 NLO)
    • Excitation: 6 laser lines for confocal, 700-990 nm two-photon
    • Deeper live tissue imaging than confocal
  • Fast-Scan Confocal (Zeiss LSM710 LIVE DUO)
    • High speed (100 fps) imaging
    • 405nm, 488nm, 560nm excitation
    • Fast FRET and FRAP with two scanners
    • All detectors have fully flexible wavelength selection
  • Fluorescence Zoom Stereomicroscope (Leica) with camera

For more information visit the Live Microscopy web page.

Location of Confocal Microscopes
University of Cincinnati MSB Room 3155

DHC Subsidy:

  • Training to use the microscopes for 2 users per PI per year is provided by the DHC.
  • The DHC will subsidize the cost of Microscope time by providing $15 towards the hourly rate.

The subsidies listed above are subject to change based upon the availability of funds.