Digestive Health Center

Pathology Research Service

Personnel will provide technical support for routine morphology based techniques including tissue processing, routine histology, in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, routine and special histochemical staining, electron microscopy support, and pathologic evaluation.

For more information visit the Pathology Research Core.

Remember that Consultation is Free. 
Discussing what you want to do with the Core Staff for 30 minutes before you start your experiment might save lots of time in the end.

Contact Meridith Taylor to set up an appointment.
Phone: 513-636-8159
Email: meridith.taylor@cchmc.org 

Contact: Lisa McMillin
Location: R2030
Phone: 513-636-8159
Email: Lisa.Mcmillin@cchmc.org


Contact: Jessica Webster
Location: R2044
Phone: 513-636-8157
Email: jessica.webster@cchmc.org


Contact: Chris Woods
Location: R2030
Phone: 513636-1892
Email: chris.woods@cchmc.org
Contact: Kathryn A. Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD
Location: R4.455
Phone: 513-803-0239
Email: kathryn.wikenheiser-brokamp@cchmc.org

DHC Subsidy

The DHC will subsidize the cost of the services listed below by providing 25% of the cost with a subsidy limit of $1,200 per DHC member per year. These subsidies are subject to change based upon the availability of funds.

To ensure that you receive the subsidy, be sure to select a budget number that qualifies as supporting digestive disease research when prompted for the payment source in the online ordering system. 

For specific pricing information on the services listed below, please contact the Core Staff listed above.


Tissue processing and embedding

Slide sectioning (paraffin or frozen)

H&E Staining

Special staining: (Automated Simple, Automated Complex, Hands-on Staining Simple, Hands-on Staining Complex)

Immunohistochemistry Automated

In situ hybridization (you provide probe or plasmid)

Electron microscopy tissue processing

Electron microscopy sectioning

Electron microscope usage

Imaging and Graphics Support

Pathologist slide interpretation

Digital Slide Scanning: (20x Bright Field, 40x Bright Field, Fluorescent)

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Have you used the Integrative Morphology Core?

Remember to acknowledge the use of the Integrative Morphology Core in all publications by stating:

“This project was supported in part by NIH P30 DK078392 (Integrative Morphology Core of the Digestive Diseases Research Core Center in Cincinnati).”