Modeling Complex Human Development Towards Therapy

On the basis of "reverse reduction-ism based approach," the Takebe Laboratory investigates:

  1. The deductive development of a complex human organoid model
  2. The multidisciplinary dissection of self-driven mechanisms of organogenesis
  3. The technology prototyping towards drug discovery/transplant applications

Through these efforts, with a major focus on foregut- and midgut-derived systems, our lab aims to contribute to human health by establishing new therapies especially for treating pediatric intractable disease.

Also, Dr Takebe holds a joint appointment at the Department of Regenerative Medicine, Yokohama City University in Japan, where he directs a translational program of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) based liver bud based approach for congenital liver disorders by developing a cGMP manufacturing platform.

Stem cell biology and organoid biology: Think Radically graphic.