The Assistive Technology Project
Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Using Technology to Communicate

Sharing our thoughts, feelings and ideas is an essential part of who we are. But many people with disabilities and chronic conditions are not able to do so with their natural speech. 

With the help of assistive technology and appropriate communication strategies, children and adults will have the tools to communicate with family and friends and participate more actively in school and in the community.

What is AAC?

AAC, which stands for augmentative and alternative communication, is a way for people to communicate when they do not have the physical ability to use verbal speech or writing.

AAC systems are designed to help people express their thoughts, needs and ideas. AAC is used by those with a wide range of speech and language impairments due to conditions such cerebral palsy, autism,  spinal muscular atrophy and head injuries. AAC can range from a simple set of picture symbols on a communication board to a computer system that is programmed to speak with words or messages.