As adolescents reach middle school and enter high school, they experience an increase in academic demands and expectations (class work and homework load, number of teachers and classes to juggle, and organization of various activities). For adolescents with ADHD, the increase in demands and expectations of higher grade levels and, at times, the loss of academic supports provided in elementary school may lead to a decline in grades or academic failure.

Our Academic Success for Young Adolescents with ADHD group program is designed to meet the needs of adolescents with ADHD who are in Middle School (grades 6 through 8), while our Academic Success for High Schoolers with ADHD group is designed for adolescents with ADHD who are in their freshman and sophomore year of high school. Both group programs teach adolescents and their parents specific strategies targeting academic improvement that work for most adolescents with ADHD. Moreover, parents and adolescents learn how to advocate for appropriate accommodations or other assistance at school.