Family therapy services at the Center for ADHD at Cincinnati Children’s are available to provide parents and caregivers with individualized training in evidence-based techniques for managing the disruptive and off-task behaviors associated with ADHD.

For school-aged (ages 6 to 12 years) children with ADHD, we encourage parents to participate in our Understanding and Managing ADHD parent group program, as we have clear evidence for its effectiveness in a time-efficient manner. Family therapy services (including individual sessions as appropriate with the child or adolescent in addition to sessions where their parents are also involved) are available in the following situations: 

  • The parent or caregiver has completed our parent group program and his or her child continues to exhibit significant difficulties associated with ADHD that requires additional intervention  
  • The child is dealing with mental health issues in addition to ADHD, such as anxiety and depression, that need to be the primary focus of treatment (rather than their ADHD)
  • There are complicating factors in the family that are difficult to address in group settings, such as the effects of a complicated divorce situation on the child’s behavior (divorce in and of itself is not a reason not to consider the parent group program as an initial intervention, as we have had numerous divorced families successfully complete the parent group program)
  • An adolescent and his or her parents need assistance in managing the adolescent’s ADHD that is outside the range of issues addressed by our academic skills group program for adolescents with ADHD