FOCALplus Teen Driver Training

Training Teens to Become Safer Drivers

FOCALplus (Focused Concentration and Attention Learning) Teen Driver Training is offered through the Center for ADHD at Cincinnati Children's. The goal of the program is to help teens, those with ADHD / ADD and those without, become safer drivers through a series of trainings. The training works by using simulated driving and eye tracking technology to train teens to limit extended glances away from the roadway while performing driving-related (e.g., looking in mirrors) and non-driving-related tasks (e.g., adjusting music). If you are interested in signing up for FOCALplus, please complete this brief eligibility survey: FOCALplus eligibility survey.

The price of the FOCALplus Teen Driver Training program is $500.


Training consists of five weekly training sessions. Each session lasts about one and a half hours and is taught in two parts. The first part is computerized and teaches the teen to limit extended glances away from the roadway while performing secondary tasks. The second part of each training session is simulation-based.

In the driving simulator, teens are outfitted with eye-tracking glasses and are instructed to periodically perform secondary tasks while driving. The eye-tracking system will alert the teen in real time when their glances away from the road last two seconds or more, which trains them to reduce the length of the glances away from the road while driving.

Parents and caregivers are involved in the first and final training sessions, so they can learn about the skills taught and can reinforce these skills with teens during real-world driving.

A photo of a student driver.

Eye-tracking glasses measure the number and duration of glances away from the roadway.

A photo of a teen in a driving simulator.

Part of the training is spent in a driver simulator, so teens can put learned skills into practice.

A photo of a driving simulation.

Instructors utilize real time eye-tracking to alert teens when they are glancing away from the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to other driving safety courses, insurance does not cover the cost of this training.

Training sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8 am and 7 pm.

Since there are 5 sessions, we try to schedule the sessions one week apart so that training will take five weeks to complete. However, if you need to adjust this timeframe, we can work with you to set a training schedule.

We like for parents and caregivers to attend the first and last session to learn about the training the teen is receiving. Also, if your teen takes ADHD medication and stops taking their ADHD medication on the training days, as recommended, we will ask that someone drives them to each session for safety reasons.

Option 1 – Training sessions could be scheduled in the summer.

Option 2 – Teens can undergo the training while medicated, but that is not how training was conducted in the research study.