Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Sleep Program

Comprehensive Testing and Treatment for Children with Epilepsy and Sleep Problems

This unique multidisciplinary program evaluates sleep problems in children who have epilepsy. Diagnosing and treating such problems can help improve seizure control and enhance your child’s quality of life.

The Epilepsy-Sleep Program team includes physicians and staff from the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and Sleep Center at Cincinnati Children’s:

  • An epileptologist (neurologist who specializes in epilepsy care), neurologist and pulmonologists who are board certified in sleep medicine
  • Nurse practitioners and nurses

We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, such as a “combined video EEG-sleep study” that includes video EEG monitoring and an overnight sleep study, which allows us to evaluate your child in one overnight stay. Cincinnati Children’s is one of only a few pediatric hospitals in the country to offer this combined test.

Initial Evaluation, Testing and Follow Up

Before your child’s first visit to our clinic, we will call you with some questions to gain an understanding of your child’s needs. During your first visit, one of our physicians will thoroughly evaluate your child and, if necessary, schedule a sleep study. If your child undergoes a sleep study, we will discuss the results and recommend treatment strategies in a follow-up appointment, and provide ongoing care as needed.