Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Psychological Support

Psychological Support for Children with Epilepsy

Children with epilepsy are at risk for learning difficulties, developmental delays, depression, anxiety and behavioral issues. Sometimes these difficulties are related to seizures. Sometimes they are medication side effects. Sometimes they are a part of the child’s development, independent of epilepsy and its treatment.

At the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, we help children and families recognize these concerns and deal with them in a healthy way so they can enjoy the best quality of life possible. That is why clinical psychologists are part of our clinical care. They provide assessments, brief treatments, family education and, if needed, referrals for outpatient psychological care.

Our psychologists take a proactive approach. They emphasize education and prevention. They try to identify problems early, when they are easier to treat. They often can tackle issues on the spot during a clinic visit. However, they sometimes recommend that the family return for a follow-up appointment to focus on a tough issue. They work with the whole family by helping parents and children solve problems together.