The Epilepsy Advanced Therapies Program offers comprehensive evaluations and treatment recommendations for children with seizures/epilepsy who:

  • Have tried at least one anti-seizure medication without achieving effective seizure control
  • Have questions or concerns about their diagnosis of seizures / epilepsy or the underlying cause

Our core team includes pediatric neurologists who specialize in epilepsy, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, genetic counselors, social workers, a clinical pharmacist, and dieticians. These dedicated individuals work together to develop each child’s treatment plan and provide comprehensive, personalized care.

The Epilepsy Advanced Therapies Program (also referred to as a “second opinion” program) began in 2012 and has grown every year since. Families travel from throughout our region, from other states and even from different countries to receive a thorough evaluation and treatment recommendations from our experienced multidisciplinary team. We accept referrals from neurologists at Cincinnati Children’s and other institutions, and welcome self referrals as well.