Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Infant Seizure Program

Comprehensive Care for Infants Experiencing Seizures

The Infant Seizure Program is for children ages one to 23 months who are experiencing seizures. These seizures can be caused by a structural abnormality in the brain, a metabolic problem or a genetic condition. Sometimes, they are part of a syndrome that includes other concerns, such as developmental delays.

When an infant is experiencing seizures, parents are understandably anxious to find out why. We share their sense of urgency, in part because we know that in many cases infants tend to respond better to treatment when it begins sooner rather than later. This is especially important for children experiencing infantile spasms.

We work quickly to conduct appropriate tests that help pinpoint the underlying cause. The initial evaluation is very thorough, and can include imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging, an electroencephalogram (EEG) to evaluate electrical activity in the brain, genetic and metabolic testing, and other tests. Every test result leads to the next step in the diagnostic process. Sometimes, the infant is admitted to the hospital for these tests, but in many cases tests take place on an outpatient basis.

Starting Treatment

Pinpointing the cause of seizures in an infant can take a few days or weeks. Sometimes, an exact diagnosis is not possible. Depending on the complexity of your child’s condition, the team may decide to begin treatment while diagnostic tests are still taking place. Treatment can include medication and the use of specialized formula, and our team monitors patients very closely, making adjustments when necessary.

Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric neurologists, nurses and a nurse practitioner, a genetic counselor, social worker and other specialists, and we work together to address the infant’s needs from every angle. We schedule follow-up appointments as frequently as needed to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, adjust medication doses, provide education and address any concerns. Parents can reach our team by phone whenever a question or concern arises.