Using Medication to Control Seizures

For the vast majority of children with epilepsy, medication is effective in controlling seizures. Finding the right epilepsy medication—or combination of medications—can be a complex task. At the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, our multidisciplinary team includes a clinical pharmacist with extensive knowledge and experience in treating children with epilepsy.

As part of an initial evaluation, our pharmacist will review your child’s past and current medications, including doses, side effects and interactions with other medications, over-the-counter products or supplements he or she may be taking. Her recommendations may include adjusting doses, combining different anti-epilepsy medications or trying something new to help control seizures and minimize side effects. She is available to meet your family to discuss her recommendations and answer questions.

Our team monitors each child to evaluate how well the medication or medications are working, and makes adjustments as needed. The team will review your child’s medications at least every three months for the first year of treatment, and then at less frequent intervals if all is going well.