Patient and Family Resources

Information About Diabetes Diagnosis, Care and Nutrition

The Diabetes Center team at Cincinnati Children’s has compiled online pediatric health information about several aspects of diabetes and diabetes care. Use the following sections to learn more about diabetes and caring for a family member with diabetes:

Diabetes Self-Care: How-To Videos

Watch our video series to learn how to give insulin and glucagon injections. These how-to instructional videos will teach you:

  • How to Use a Glucagon Emergency Kit
  • How to Give an Injection with an Insulin Pen
  • How to Give a Mini Dose of Glucagon
  • How to Draw Up an Insulin Syringe
  • How to Give an Insulin Injection

Continuous Glucose Monitors: Informational Videos

Watch our videos on information and tips for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM).

  • CGM: Real Life Stories
  • CGM Support: Making Diabetes Easier
  • Tips for CGM Fears and Doubts

Additional resources


Cincinnati Children’s offers a secure online tool to help you manage your child’s health. MyChart gives you access to your child’s medical record, allowing you to view test results, a list of medications, appointments, follow-up instructions and more. You can also send a message to your healthcare team between visits. Learn more about MyChart.