Cincinnati Center for Growth Disorders

Cincinnati Center for Growth Disorders

What is the Cincinnati Center for Growth Disorders?

The Cincinnati Center for Growth Disorders (CCGD) at Cincinnati Children’s is a multi-disciplinary clinic to diagnose and treat severe and rare growth disorders. The clinic brings together endocrinologists and geneticists with specific expertise in growth disorders and genomic evaluation. Patients who attend the clinic are offered voluntary participation in our research program.

Our doctors have a wealth of experience in the treatment of severe growth disorders, including particular expertise in managing patients with growth hormone insensitivity (Laron syndrome, STAT5B deficiency), Silver-Russell syndrome, aggrecan deficiency, among others. We have experience utilizing growth-promoting agents beyond daily growth hormone, including weekly growth hormone, recombinant human IGF-I (Increlex), and emerging therapies, such as c-natriuretic peptide (vosoritide). Additionally, the CCGD participates in industry sponsored clinical trials offering patients access to the latest in therapeutic advances for short stature.

What doctors specialize in this area?

What other healthcare providers might I see in clinic?

  • Christine Spaeth, MS LGC, genetic counselor
  • Lori Casnellie, RN, nurse coordinator
  • Leah Tyzinski, CCRP, research study coordinator

Who can I contact with questions about this clinic?

Lori Casnellie, RN