Turner Syndrome Center

Turner Syndrome Center

What is the Turner Center?

The Turner Syndrome (TS) Center at Cincinnati Children's is a multi-disciplinary clinic for children, adolescents and young adults with TS. We also have a separate clinic designed for adult women with TS. Visit our Adult TS Center page.

The TS Center was established in 2000. We aim to provide comprehensive care and health supervision, and offer an integrated approach to treating TS and associated disorders. We offer guidance for patients, parents and families dealing with a diagnosis of TS. Our specialists can also provide referral to other specialists in audiology, otolaryngology, cardiology, genetics, developmental disorders and orthopedics.

What other healthcare providers will my child see?

The TS clinic for girls up to 18 years of age is staffed by:

Additional Resources:
The following resources provide information and resource for families of children with TS:

The Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education of Turner Syndrome was established at Cincinnati Children's to promote education and research related to TS. The foundation raises funds to support education and research in TS.

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To schedule an appointment, call 513-636-4744, option 1.

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Lauren O'Harra

5K-A-Day Riley Run!

Learn more about the Turner Syndrome 5K-A-Day Riley Run, and help contribute to the goal of bringing hope and healing to girls with Turner syndrome.