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Tests Offered

The Cytogenetics Laboratory at Cincinnati Children's offers several tests. Follow the links below or call 513-636-4474 for more information.

We use the current version of the ISCN in reporting of Cytogenetic Chromosome and FISH results.

Prenatal Testing – Amniocentesis and CVS Samples

Products of Conception / Fibroblasts

  • Chromosome analysis
  • Tissue culture establishment
  • Microarray 

Pediatric / Adult Testing (Constitutional Studies)

Fanconi Anemia 

Bloom Syndrome

Oncology Testing (Acquired)

Download list of tests.

Microarray Methodology

Download an explanation of our current microarray methodology. This test is used to identify chromosomal imbalances throughout the human genome.

> For SNP microarray analysis processed December 21, 2018, and after

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