Infusion Therapy

Treating infusion patients at home is a highly specialized medical service that depends on a multidisciplinary team approach. At Cincinnati Children’s Home Care, our team of pharmacists and nurses work closely with your physician to ensure the proper treatment for your child. Infusion therapy includes professional services as well as medications, supplies and equipment needed to administer infusion drug therapies safely and effectively in the home.

What Sets Us Apart

Central Venous Catheter (CVC) Home Care Bundle

Blood stream infection (BSI) reduction is a system level priority for Cincinnati Children’s Home Care Services. We implemented a bundle of special care practices to keep your child safe and well while she receives infusions using a central venous catheter (CVC). Parents and caregivers helped us design the bundle to ensure the practices are manageable at home. The bundle has resulted in an infection rate reduction that makes us a leader in serving the CVC needs of children.

What to Expect

When your child is a patient with Home Care, a pharmacist, a certified pharmacy technician or a customer service representative will contact you to arrange for delivery of medications and necessary supplies. The day before you will need additional medication, you will be contacted by noon to discuss delivery arrangements. Medications and supplies are delivered to your home by a courier service.

Benefits of Home Care Infusion Therapy

  • Convenient
  • Medication administration taught to the families by our experienced pediatric nursing staff
  • Normalizes lifestyle and allows family to be at home
  • Deliveries of medications and supplies made directly to your home
  • You are contacted by a pharmacist … no calling for refills
  • The pharmacists monitor your therapy and clinical progress to achieve the desired outcome

For more information about Infusion Therapy contact Home Care Services via phone at 513-636-HOME (4663), or email at