Asthma Home Care

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, asthma affects more than one child in 20, making it the most common chronic illness among kids. It is the third ranking cause for hospitalizations in children and is responsible for 14 million missed days in school. There is no cure for asthma, but with education and support, asthma can be controlled.

The Asthma Home Health Pathway

The Asthma Home Health Pathway is a program that promotes education and self-management using a multiteam approach for in-home asthma education for children and adolescents.  With coordination between primary care physician, Home Care nursing and respiratory care teams, the Asthma Pathway offers a series of in-home visits by a specially trained Home Care nurse.  The program goal is to increase self-management of asthma, improve quality-of-life experience and decrease hospitalizations and visits to the emergency department.

Working with a Home Care nurse, patients and families can increase their knowledge of medication use, asthma triggers and the chronic nature of asthma. Progress is monitored as patients follow the asthma action plan that they help create.

Referrals to the Asthma Pathway program can come from a primary care physician, the emergency department or an inpatient unit.

For more information about the Asthma Pathway program contact Home Care Services via phone at 513-636-HOME (4663), or email at

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