Adult Strabismus Eye Care

Adult Strabismus Eye Care

The Division of Ophthalmology at Cincinnati Children’s is the region’s largest provider of adult strabismus eye care. Adult patients are referred by their ophthalmologists or optometrists since our pediatric ophthalmologists are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of adult strabismus.

Adult patients visit the main ophthalmology clinic at Cincinnati Children’s for initial consultation. If surgery is required, it will be performed by our pediatric ophthalmologists at another local hospital. After surgery, the patient will return to her primary ophthalmologist or optometrist for continued eye care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Strabismus

What is adult strabismus?
Adult strabismus is an eye misalignment occurring in adults. Patients with strabismus may experience eye fatigue or double vision (diplopia). Some patients may have had onset / corrective surgery for strabismus in early childhood.

Why am I being seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist for an adult ocular problem?
Pediatric ophthalmologists are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of adult strabismus and are therefore the only clinical professionals qualified to diagnose and treat this ocular problem. 

Do the eye doctors at Cincinnati Children’s treat other adult eye problems?
No. The pediatric ophthalmology specialists at Cincinnati Children’s treat adults only for strabismus and do not see adult patients for other eye care issues.

If surgical intervention is necessary for adult strabismus, will the surgery be performed at Cincinnati Children’s?
No. Surgery to correct strabismus will occur at another local hospital, but will be performed by a pediatric ophthalmologist from Cincinnati Children’s.

What should I bring for my initial strabismus consultation?
Please bring the following items: 

  • Insurance card
  • List of all medications you are taking
  • Eye records from your referring doctor
  • Most current pair of glasses

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