Assistive technology refers to the use of technology to help someone be as independent as possible with a task. This may include suggestions and/or equipment. Areas of expertise include written expression (i.e. handwriting or typing), computer access, and use of switches.

Why Choose Us?

At Cincinnati Children's, we offer a variety of options to develop computer access, writing, and use of switches. Software programs and equipment available include:
  • Speak to type
  • Word prediction
  • Smart pen
  • Typing programs
  • Various switches
  • Alternative keyboards
  • Keyguards
  • Alternative mice
  • iPad apps

Some therapists have completed additional training to become certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) through RESNA.

For patients with complex communication or environmental control needs, a consultation may occur with The Perlman Center.

Who Can Benefit?

Assistive technology may benefit children who struggle with the following:

  • Written expression
  • Switch activation
  • Computer access

Location of Service

Assistive technology training is available at all Cincinnati Children's neighborhood locations.