Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
Related Resources

Related Resources

We strive to provide patients and families with valuable information about occupational therapy and physical therapy. We also offer support and educational resources for the OT / PT community. Resources include: 
The Division of Audiology treats children with many different needs such as hearing loss, persistent ear disease, problems with speech and language, and balance problems. If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or your child has school performance issues that may be related to hearing, contact Audiology to request an evaluation. 
Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House allows families to remain close to their children receiving medical treatment at Cincinnati Children’s.
Parents can turn to the Rubenstein Library for health-related information on developmental and behavioral issues and related health conditions.

Social workers are trained to assist with the psychological and social problems that can arise during a hospital stay or in caring for a special needs child.

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Special Connections (Family-to-Family Program) is an online community where families and caregivers of children with special healthcare needs can connect with each other for support, information, and inspiration. Medical advice from healthcare professionals will not be provided.
Our directory of Ongoing Support Resources can assist parents, caregivers, and healthcare providers identify, evaluate and access necessary services and supports including information about a diagnosis or condition and resources related to education, financial, recreation, and community resources for children with special needs.
Speech-Language Pathology services include comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, consultations, parent counseling and treatment for children with communication or feeding/swallowing disorders.
The Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps ( BCMH) is a program of the Ohio Department of Health that links families of children with special needs to a network of providers and helps families obtain payment for the services their children need.

Registered nurses and schedulers will assist out-of-town families when two or more appointments are needed during your child’s visit.

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The Family Resource Center can answer questions about hospital services, area support groups, parenting classes, community resources, health information, and much more.
Guest Services can help out-of-town families before traveling to Cincinnati Children’s and after your arrival. Services may include arranging ground transportation, discounted lodging and interpreter services.

Children from around the world are cared for at Cincinnati Children’s. Interpreters provide services to non-English speaking patients and their families at no cost.

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The pastoral care team offers spiritual guidance in all faiths-or simply emotional support-to a hospitalized child or to parents or other family members affected by a child’s illness or chronic condition.

The Perlman Center is a specialty center designed to address the complex therapy, developmental, assistive technology and care coordination needs of those with cerebral palsy.


Our focus on personalized care makes us unique; our goal is to make each child’s experience in occupational  and physical therapy meaningful and productive.
Our focus on personalized care makes us unique.