Specialty Services

Pathology Services

The Division of Pathology provides diagnostic services for patients at Cincinnati Children's and beyond, including the pathological evaluation of biopsies, surgical specimens, fluids, and autopsies. 

We have state-of-the-art resources including automated advanced staining platforms, electron microscopy, laser capture microdissection, and digital pathology, in our clinical and research laboratory facilities for the study of childhood disease. Areas of special expertise include: 

General Instructions for Sending Consultations

Specimen Handling for Consult Biopsies

  • A surgical pathology accession sheet with adequate clinical history and differential diagnosis must accompany specimen for proper interpretation.
  • Advance notice is crucial for proper shipment and processing: please notify Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Pathology Department at 513-636-4261 that a biopsy specimen will be arriving.
  • Biopsy specimens should be delivered as soon as possible following removal. Fresh specimens should be wrapped in saline-soaked gauze, placed in a sterile container, and transported on ice. Formalin-fixed tissue is acceptable for all indications other than viral PCR and EM. In-house and local specimens should be hand-delivered or couriered the same day as removal. Wet tissue submitted from distant locales should be sent on ice by overnight services.

Second opinion of cases:

  • Please include all original or recuts of all original H&E slides.
  • Please send at least 10 unstained slides or representative blocks in cases of resections for special studies.
  • All relevant clinical information including laboratory findings and imaging studies.

Where to Send Materials?

If sending specimens for processing or staining, please send to the address listed below. For consultation and special stain requisition, please download the form linked below and follow the instructions listed on the form.


Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, R2040
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
240 Albert Sabin Way, S Dock, ML 1035
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3026

Download Pathology Consult Form