A photo of Aaron Garrison.

Aaron P. Garrison, MD

  • Associate Program Director, Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
  • Associate Professor, UC Department of Surgery
In my practice, I try to make decisions for my patients based on what I would want for my own children. Surgery requires a tremendous amount of trust from the parents, and it is a responsibility I don't take lightly.



I am a pediatric surgeon with special interests in colorectal and esophageal/thoracic surgery. I also perform neonatal surgery and minimally invasive surgery. With every patient and family, I try to individualize their care and involve them in decision-making.

I knew I wanted to take care of children at a young age. My mom was a home health nurse and used to take me with her on visits. When I was in college, I volunteered at a camp where I met a boy who had a rare genetic condition. His sister had the same condition, and when I became friends with his family I saw for the first time how a child’s illness impacts the entire family and community. I still think of them frequently. They inspire me to do my best for my patients to this day. I became interested in surgery during my pediatric surgery rotation as a medical student and resident. I loved how the surgeons took care of their patients, from premature infants to older adolescents and adults with congenital issues.

At Cincinnati Children’s, we are constantly trying to innovate and give world-class care to as many children as we can. In pediatric surgery we work with many other clinical teams, and it’s very rewarding to have national experts to collaborate with throughout the hospital.

In my practice, I try to make decisions for my patients based on what I would want for my own children. Surgery requires a tremendous amount of trust from the parents, and it is a responsibility I don't take lightly. The relationships we can build over time feel like I become a part of their family, which is my favorite part of the job.

As associate program director of Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, I help train future pediatric surgeons. I’m also a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, a national honor society, and I’m a fellow in the American College of Surgeons and Specialty Fellow of the American Association of Pediatrics. I completed my residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, and my pediatric surgery fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

In addition to my clinical practice, I’m involved in research. My interests include colorectal, esophageal and education-focused projects. I also hope to learn more about clinical efficiency and safety throughout the hospital system.

Outside the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching my kids play sports and exercising. I’m a fan of University of Michigan college football and Detroit professional sports teams, and I’m currently learning how to play Fortnite with my kids.

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