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Member, Division of Pulmonary Medicine

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Board Certified

About Me


My interest in pediatrics started early. I traveled with my father, who is a pediatrician, to rural areas in India, educating families about vaccinations. My interest in pulmonology started during my pediatrics residency. I enjoyed taking care of patients with chronic pulmonary and sleep problems and learning about pulmonary physiology.

As a pediatric pulmonologist, I specialize in sleep medicine and caring for patients with neuromuscular disorders. I am particularly interested in working with patients who are dependent on respiratory support, such as ventilators, bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. I also like to treat and manage patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

I believe in a holistic team approach when working with my patients and families. Many of my patients have multisystem problems that impact their pulmonary condition. I communicate with everyone on their healthcare team to provide the most appropriate care to each patient. I believe it takes a village to care for children.

I strive to learn about the newest therapies to keep my patients and families informed. I greatly value the parents’ perspective when caring for a child with a chronic medical condition.

My research focuses on quality improvement and understanding and improving treatments for neuromuscular and sleep disorders.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also like running and I participate in events related to the Flying Pig Marathon.

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Disorders, Upper Airway, Neuromuscular Disorders

My Locations

My Education

DO: Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA, 2006.

Residency: University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas, NV, 2009.

Fellowship: Pediatric Pulmonology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2012; Sleep Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2015.

My Publications

Pediatric Patient With Ulcerative Colitis-Associated Bronchiectasis. Russi, A; Gurbani, N; Rosen, MJ; Mallon, D; LeBlanc, FR. ACG Case Reports Journal. 2020; 7:e00365-e00365.

Sleep manifestations, sleep architecture in children with Eosinophilic esophagitis presenting to a sleep clinic. Siriwat, R; Gurbani, N; Xu, Y; Hossain, MM; Simakajornboon, N. Sleep Medicine. 2020; 68:160-166.

How does one choose the correct pharmacotherapy for a pediatric patient with restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder?: Expert Guidance. Dye, TJ; Gurbani, N; Simakajornboon, N. Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy. 2019; 20:1535-1538.

Comparison of Pulmonary Function Decline in Steroid-Treated and Steroid-Naive Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sawnani, H; Horn, PS; Wong, B; Darmahkasih, A; Rybalsky, I; Shellenbarger, KC; Tian, C; Rutter, MM; Simakajornboon, N; Amin, R; et al. The Journal of Pediatrics. 2019; 210:194-200.e2.

Improvement of Parasomnias After Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome/Periodic Limb Movement Disorder in Children. Gurbani, N; Dye, TJ; Dougherty, K; Jain, S; Horn, PS; Simakajornboon, N. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. 2019; 15:743-748.

Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of Childhood Narcolepsy. Dye, TJ; Gurbani, N; Simakajornboon, N. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews. 2018; 25:14-18.

Sleep Complaints and Sleep Architecture in Children With Idiopathic Central Sleep Apnea. Gurbani, N; Verhulst, SL; Tan, C; Simakajornboon, N. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. 2017; 13:777-783.