Legacy Supports Pulmonary Research

Bobby.When you look at Bobby, you’d never guess that under his sweet smile something is missing – something that, literally, takes his breath away. 

Bobby and his family became part of the Cincinnati Children’s family from the moment he was born. Frail and tiny, Bobby was born two months early with a host of complications, including missing a lung. Since then he has been diagnosed with close to 30 more conditions. 

But, because of Cincinnati Children’s, Bobby, now 7, is growing and getting stronger. His grandparents, Vicky and Dave, credit the experts at Cincinnati Children’s for giving Bobby a better life than anyone expected. Today, he is able to live like other kids his age – attending school, playing with friends and listening to and playing music. 

“He has come so far,” Vicky says. “He sees 23 specialists, and we’re always at the hospital. And to me, it’s important to take care of the people who take care of your children.” 

That’s why Vicky and Dave have included Cincinnati Children’s in their estate plan. Their legacy, and Bobby’s, will live on as their contributions support pulmonary research here. 

“I’m so grateful and so blessed to work with everyone at Cincinnati Children’s. From our physicians and nurses to the people that come in and clean the room, and take the laundry – everyone is phenomenal.” 

Vicky’s and Dave’s support of pulmonary research will help kids, like Bobby, receive the most advanced treatments available for generations to come.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

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