College Students

The college student volunteer program accommodates students in local colleges and universities seeking to gain experience and have fun working with children and their families in a healthcare setting. 

Time Commitment

All volunteers must commit to a two- to three-hour weekly shift for at least six consecutive months.   

Volunteer at Cincinnati Children's.

Medical Requirements 

Working closely with patients at Cincinnati Children’s requires thorough medical screening for the safety of everyone. All necessary medical information will be discussed during the interview. These requirements, which will be offered by our Employee Health Department at no cost to you, include: 

  • Tdap vaccine, unless able to provide proof of previous Tdap vaccination
  • Two MMR vaccines OR proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella
  • QantiFERON blood test (tuberculosis screening)
  • Two varicella vaccines (if you have not previously had chicken pox)
  • Flu shot (during flu season) 

Various Requests 

Are you wondering about specific ways to get involved?  Please scroll through the FAQs to see if your idea is addressed below:


We appreciate your interest, but all adult volunteers, including college students, must be able to commit to at least six consecutive months of weekly volunteering. 
Job shadowing is an academic pursuit, and therefore is not coordinated through Volunteer Services.  To learn about the job shadowing program at Cincinnati Children’s, please visit this page.
The Volunteer Services Department is unable to accommodate groups, but there are still ways for your organization to get involved.  To read about these opportunities, please visit our Development Department’s webpage.
We are unable to offer any short-term volunteer assignments.  All volunteers must commit to a weekly commitment for at least six consecutive months. 
All donations go through our Development Department.  Please visit their webpage for more information.

To Apply

  • Before you consider taking the necessary steps to become a Cincinnati Children’s volunteer, we suggest that you ask yourself these questions.

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