The Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center understands the unprecedented times that we are collectively experiencing and we are steadfast in our commitment to our patients and families.  Our team is watching the COVID-19 situation closely and changing our policies as needed.  We will continue providing exceptional and safe care for our patients, families, and staff.  

Preparing for your Appointment

Pre-Visit Screening Calls

A member of the Fetal Care team will contact you prior to the appointment to ask you a few questions and discuss your care needs.  Our team will determine how best to provide the care you need, such as considering an in-person or telehealth consultation with you. 

Preparing for a Visit to the Fetal Care Center

Our #1 priority is your safety!  We have protocols to make sure we provide the best care for you, whether it is in-person or over telehealth.  You are in good hands with the Fetal Care Center.  

  • Protective Masking
    If you need to visit the Fetal Care Center in person, you will notice that everyone will be wearing protective masks, including patients and families.  Based on the CDC recommendation, we are taking this precaution to make sure that we lower risk of exposure to all patients, families, and staff. Additionally, all patients and visitors will have symptom screening (cough or other concerning symptoms) each time they enter our facility.
  • Visitor Guidelines and Restrictions
    The Fetal Care Center has implemented extra visitor restrictions for all visits (consultation, delivery, surgery, etc.).  At this time, the patient/mother and two healthy support people, over the age of 18, can attend the visit.  We are happy to offer remote (video or audio) access to the clinical team meeting for anyone unable to participate in-person.  
  • Telehealth / Virtual Visits
    The Fetal Care Center is proud to offer remote visits and second opinions for many of our patients based on your individual needs.  These telehealth visits could be offered over video or phone calls. Patients would continue to receive the full spectrum of consultation by our maternal-fetal medicine doctors (MFMs), fetal surgeons, neonatologists, and other specialists needed to meet your specific needs, just in the comfort of their home.  Our nurse coordinator will discuss if this an option during their phone call with the patient.

Fetal Intervention and Delivery

Universal COVID-19 Testing 

At the Fetal Care Center, your safety is our #1 priority.  We have implemented universal COVID-19 testing for all surgery and delivery patients within our center. We will provide you with details on when and how this testing will be performed during your consultation with our clinical team.

Fetal Interventions

The Fetal Care Center is proud to offer a full spectrum of clinical care and interventions as part of our center. See our website for more details.

Deliveries in Our Special Delivery Unit

The Fetal Care Center is expanding and growing to provide a comprehensive medical home for mothers facing the most complex fetal conditions. We have now opened two dedicated ORs and a Special Delivery Unit allowing mothers to recover down the hall from our top-ranked NICU and CICU.  The team will let you know whether you and your baby are candidates to deliver in this facility.