Rothenberg Lab
EGIDExpress Data Sharing

Data Sharing (EGIDExpress)

The Rothenberg CURED Laboratory generates published datasets that can be viewed by families, clinicians and researchers on demand via EGIDExpress. Through this online platform, data can be easily accessed and readily visualized on a per gene basis or conveniently downloaded in bulk. 

More datasets will be added as they become available as the Rothenberg CURED Lab will continue to spur ideas and accelerate and creation of hypotheses related to eosinophilic disease.

The separate datasets are listed on the left-hand menu by the type of procedure that was performed to generate the data, such as RNA sequencing, microarray, or quantitative polymerase chain reaction. The titles of the datasets are shorthand about the condition (e.g., eosinophilic esophagitis is EoE) or model used. The experimental details and the first publication of the dataset, when published, are available by selecting the dataset on the left-hand menu. After selecting a dataset, users can select which gene data to display and what type of graph it displays as or download the dataset.

To access datasets, visit EGIDExpress Data Sharing