Walz Research Lab

Our lab primarily focuses on exploring social outcomes of pediatric (particularly early childhood) traumatic brain injury (TBI). We are also involved in multisite research initiatives on short- and long-term child and family outcomes of pediatric brain injury, as well as efforts to develop interventions to improve child and family functioning after TBI.
Under the direction of Nicolay Chertkoff Walz, PhD, a practicing clinician-researcher and 2008 recipient of the Fifth Third Bank / Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Women Scholars Program, our clinical research carries a strong commitment to translation and application in the care of children with TBI. Our work is some of the first to study the later social adjustment with peers following TBI. Our goal is to better understand the long-term effects of childhood TBI and to explore treatments that could lead to better outcomes for these children.

Lab Publications

For a complete and updated list of publications from the Walz Lab, please visit Dr. Walz's PubMed listing.
A photo of Nicolay Chertkoff Walz.

Nicolay Chertkoff Walz, PhD

Phone: 513-636-4675
Fax: 513-636-7756
Email: nicolay.walz@cchmc.org

Social Outcomes

Our lab uses developmental social neuroscience to study how children process emotions after suffering a traumatic brain injury.