The core utilizes a high throughput multiplexing suspension array system (Luminex Corp) which enables the simultaneous quantitation of a wide array of cytokines and mediators (up to 100) simultaneously in a single human (i.e. serum, lavage, sputum, cell culture supernatants, etc.) or mouse sample. This assay is particularly useful for measurement of mediators/cytokines in scarce human samples (50ul). 

DHC Subsidy:

DHC will subsidize the cost of performing a Luminex assay by providing 25% of the total charge with a subsidy limit of $2,400 per DHC member per year. This subsidy is subject to change based upon the availability of funds.

For more information visit the Luminex website.

To ensure that you receive the subsidy, be sure to select a budget number that qualifies as supporting digestive disease research when prompted for the payment source in the online ordering system.